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22nd July to 29th July

we had an uneventful but enjoyable day at the 4bbb at Cardwell. Then packed up and travelled to Crystal Creek. This was a mistake – not only is it 40k south of Ingham where we play next but there are 30k of roadworks as well!!! Together with the fact that a) there is no TV reception, b) you can’t poke your nose out the door because of mozzies and just to top it no hot water in the sinks in the bathrooms (makes Ollie’s shaving difficult)

Decide to take a look at the creek & beach – sort of 10k away so decide not to walk.IMG_4521not really Crystal!!!IMG_4524certainly desertedIMG_4525IMG_4527the local beach shackIMG_4530iconic Australia!!!!

24th/25th & 26th July – Played badly at Ingham vets golf!!!!!! People were lovely but greens were unreadable, bare and gravelly!!!! On the 26th we moved our van to the golf club for the night as there was a dinner & presentation. Great evening – the food cooked by the lady golfers for 78 people was a 3 course feast. Well done to everyone and great fun

27th day of washing and trying to sort Telstra – not only did one wifi suddenly use 8gb yesterday but the other used used 4 at 5am. My guess is we was hacked somehow – 12 gig in less than 12 hours!!!!!! I hate Telstra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 4 hours we got nowhere.

28th – Townsville Vets golf. All was going well till on the 10th & 11th holes a crow took 4 of my pink balls !!!!!!!!! It did not touch the white ones!!!!! Totally thrown – it is about 2 years since I used a white ball and I could not hit them!!!!!!! Totally lost my swing – reverted back to a coloured ball for the last couple of holes when the crow seemed to have given up.

Departed the golf course and headed for the Drummond golf store – bought some more balls!!!! Then onto Telstra shop – as wifi has now given up taking a charge!!!!!!! Shop cannot help as it is a Bigpond device – I need to phone Telstra – hang on I am in a Telstra shop why can’t they phone themselves!!!!!! What a nightmare. At the same time we find all the Townsville caravan parks are full. We could go back to Townsville golf club and park there – however we need to recharge stuff and we left our solar panels at home ( by mistake). Wonderful park manager in Ayr says they will wait till we arrive 11/2 hours and get us in.

29th – sleep in sort of. Lazy morning then shopping. We left our new wheel chocks and levellers at Crystal Creek when we left at 6am yesterday!!! Need to try to get some. No luck so far. The struts for the caravan roof light have de gassed – need some new ones – the carving fork holding it up fell in the wind and nearly staked me!!!! No luck. Visit the Telstra shop – 2 hours wait. Sort a new wifi so we can turn off the others until our written complaint to Telstra get dealt with properly.  Pop to the golf course to sort our entries for 31st & 1st Aug. This is where Karie Webb learnt – wonder if anything will rub off on me!!!! Lunch at the Coffee Club then a lazy afternoon. Beautiful roast beef off our little Cadac BBQ. and  sleep.

Tomorrowis another day

20th & 21st July


After a morning tidying the van we decided to go have some lunch – but first an appetiser walk along Cardwell beach. IMG_4489IMG_4491The hills in the distance are part of Hinchinbrook Island.

Off to the big crab for lunch looking out over the Coral Sea. It’s 10 years since we stayed in Cardwell and it has grown a lot – cyclone Yassi caused a load of devastation but it has also in the long term benefitted the area with new sea walls and walks. Also the golf club benefitted because so many trees fell down and habitat of the endangered sugar glider was affected so the parks & wildlife helped replant & renew the course!!!!

After lunch we thought we’d take a look at the lookout we’d seen from the golf club. Here’s the viewIMG_4494 We noticed a walk from the Cardwell Lookout to the Hinchinbrook Channel Lookout. Off we went – 298 metres straight up 240 steps.IMG_4497 Phew. Look at the views

We made it – and there was a seat at the topIMG_4503

Back down we went and drove to look at Dead Horse CreekIMG_4504? Fern treeIMG_4508Bee Eater Kingfisher

IMG_4509Dead Horse Creek

then we went onto The Spa Pools

IMG_4519IMG_4520We’d planned a dip but as you can see – not enough water. Lovely day


Day of biscuit cooking!!! Passion fruit shortbreads, square Amaretti and ginger biscuits. Great for nibbling and sharing at golf.IMG_3962

one more day at Cardwell golf club tomorrow then off to Ingham. Hopefully catch up with Elizabeth & Robyn wh we met in Ceduna last year.


On our way to Atherton. Bananas everywhere but none to buy!!! Ollie’s birthday today which means it’s also our son Chris’s birthday as well. Happy Birthday Chris. Going to Obi’s restaurant to celebrate on Friday.

On the move again – 2nd July

IMG_4306 Clareview BeachIMG_4310IMG_0075 on the way to Clareview

We are on our way again. This time we are off for 2 months playing Vet’s golf competitions from Mareeba down to Rockhampton. Looking forward to 8 weeks of travel and fun & games. Hopefully get some walking in and I have my bike with me.

As you can see from the beach photo the Qld sun is not shining. In fact as we arrived in Clareview it tried to rain. Caravan Park packed as it is school holidays and all the “Mexicans” are following the sun from Victoria!!!

Almost forgotten what fun it is watching various people setting up. Things don’t always go right!!!!!  Satellite dishes never seem to behave as they should!!!

All settled in and trouble arrives – nuts & seeds on the tree above us – not a problem till the arrival of the black cockatoos. It’s like a hailstorm!!! Wish we had a slingshot. Oh, the fun of travelling – next door haven’t met them before!!!




8th Oct

8th Oct

4BBB mixed with Ollie at Bargara. We didn’t star but had a fun day

Ethan at his first rugby tournament. Won player of the tournament. Well done Ethan



9th Oct

first day of the Classic. Last day of being first!!!! Yep first equal net score of 67!!! Shame it isn’t a one day comp.



Clever Emily. She had a school project on Egypt. Fantastic work

img_3493 img_3494

10th Oct

Oops. How the mighty are fallen – 83 today

11th Oct

That’s better – a 74. Ended the 3 days 7 th out of 74 in Div 3. Also got an award for being first on day 1 and awards on day 2 & 3 for winning approach shots. Whoopee – enjoyable 3 days to end our 11 month trip.

12th Oct

We’re home. That’s all till the next time we travel.


6th Oct

6th Oct

Nearly finished our trip. Travel to Ashgrove in Brisbane. Newmarket gardens – Very handy little CP for Brisbane

Now the fun stars – packing a 28 foot caravan contents into our car

img_3489 Who said it wouldn’t fit!!!

Caravan ready to take for it’s well deserved serviceimg_3491

7th Oct

Bye bye little house will miss you till next time.

Already have another long bucket list.

Off to Bargara for the Classic then home.

5th Oct

5th Oct

Egg & bacon brekky on the Cadac. Our last for a while.

Whilst waiting for caravan repair chap start the last of the clean ups to drop the van off in Brisbane

Oh boy – Bruce the repair chap eventually found the problem after hitching up and much tooing & froing of the van and scratching of heads. Not the tow bar, not the Alko hitch, not the ball, not the brakes. Nearly eliminated and checked everything. One last thing to check – not sure of the exact name but there is a piston like bit between the van & the Alko – it sort of holds everything together – it has 4 bolts holding it in position normally. Ours had 1 !!!!!!! The 3 others were less than finger tight – well actually loose!!!!!! Oh boy – visions of what might have happened are not pretty.

Lovely meal with my brother. Don’t know what is wrong with me lately – keep forgetting to take pics.

But I do have pics of my great nephew & niece

img_3487 Audrey 4 months

img_3488 Patrick (8months) with Uncle Duncan !!!!!


3rd Oct

3rd Oct

Said goodbye to Anneke & Hans. They are going north and us south

img_3479 img_3480

Note – Ollie with drill in hand !!!! Looks like a workman!!!!!!

Set off for Cotton Tree in Maroochydore – arrive safely but with a horrible grinding noise in the hitch. Stop on the way, unhitch, clean everything, rehitch – no still grinding. All silent as we travel but as soon as we slow down & turn it’s off again. Oh poops. Also combo looks down in the middle again!

Pouring with rain in Cotton Tree as we park. Get soaked setting up.

Change of plans – not meeting everyone in the park but at my brothers at 2.30pm. Just drying off and phone rings – ’tis my Bro, where are we? It’s only just past 2.30 – that’s rich coming from him!!!!

Great to see, Duncan & Carlie with 4 month Audrey & Leanne with 8 month Patrick. (Sorry forgot to take pics – still fuzzy headed obviously). Also great to catch up with Nicola & Alec.

Oct 4th

img_3485 Morning view from caravan park and view to Maroochydore CBDimg_3486

Visit to osteopath in Buderim – Come out feeling taller & staighter – the “thumb screws” seem to have worked.

Notice the car is down at the back – hopefully not those springs again!! Peders are no help this time – try to say we are overweight and basically try to sell us larger springs. This of course wouldn’t solve an overweight problem – just solve their bank balance.

Fact is that there is 10cm difference !!!!!!! Between front and back.  Decide to check the weight thing and visit the weigh bridge again – well under on both axles – no nearer to solving the problem. Pump up air bags = 5cm difference – bit better.

Anyone any ideas???

After a number of phone calls we have a caravan repair chap coming out tomorrow. Maybe he’ll have some answers. Good job we are at the end of our trip!!!

Alec dropped over for nibbles & drinkies – Nicola on her way to Melbourne on an all expenses paid trip by the company she works for – or so we thought – poor thing – stuck in Brisbane. Plane from Maroochydore never took off bus to Brisbane too late for connection to Melbourne.

Celebrations tomorrow – our land sale in the U.K. Should be complete!!!!


1st Oct

1st Oct

Lovely day at golf. Thanks to Raelee’s tips I got my first ever birdie on a par 4 and not the easiest hole on the course.

The only downer on the day is I seem to have picked up another cold.

2nd Oct

Damn another cold for definite. Not the right day to have a fuzzy head. Trying to sort contents of van into car. Funny how much you collect in a year. If only the caravan wasn’t so big!!!! And the car not big enough!!!! At least Ollie is keeping an eye on me and stopping me put car contents into van!!!! I hope.

Apparently the whales were playing in the bay today – bother by the time Ollie looked they were gone.

Only 4 more nights in our van. I am so going to miss it. It’s so cosy and takes so little cleaning!! The thoughts of having a 4 bed house to clean are not filling me with glee. Seeing our friends & family will more than compensate though.