Feb 10th & 11th

IMG_0381King Parrot on our awning a few days ago – he didn’t like peanuts – not even unsalted!!!

Our caravan Park is right by the Blue lake

DCIM100GOPROThis is Valley Lake behind Blue Lake but fed from a different catchment area and therefore not blue

DCIM100GOPROHuge forestry is all around


Feb 1oth

Its Cave Day. Not National Cave day just our cave day

Garden Cave right in the middle of Mount Gambier


DCIM100GOPROYou guessed it.

It’s a down, down, down, day. What follows – up, up up. Bit like any normal day I suppose!!!

Umphrestone Sinkhole

DCIM100GOPROLooking up at the sky from the bottom

DCIM100GOPROOllie at the bottom


Met a couple at the bottom of Umphrestone and we were giggling – how did they mow the lawns? Apparently their son works as a gardener in Canberra parliamet. There is a garden & lawn there that is inaccessible. They have to take lawnmowers and wheelbarrows through the corridors of power! They’ve tried mowing a few politicians down – no luck!!

DCIM100GOPROGlenelg river at Princess Margaret Rose Caves

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROPrincess Margaret Rose CavesDCIM100GOPROEmus leaving Princess Margaret Rose Caves

Tantanoola Caves

Princess Margaret Rose Caves are a corridor but Tantanoola Caves are like a majestic Amphitheatre



We took a walk over the cavesDCIM100GOPROGranite Quarry

DCIM100GOPROWhat ??? Down those steps where are they?

DCIM100GOPROMade it but what’s over that ledge?

DCIM100GOPROGranite with honeycombed limestone underneath

DCIM100GOPROLittle blue lake on the way to Port Macdonnell

Port Macdonnell – what a wild place even in the summer

DCIM100GOPROView east to Port Macdonnell – see lighthouse in distance – its new. The old one fell into the sea due to erosion

DCIM100GOPROCan you see the camel?




DCIM100GOPROLooking west

DCIM100GOPROCan you see the Rhino?


Thought we might get a meal here in the town – no luck restaurants closed on Mondays – even though they said open 7 days. Must be the other Monday!


This is an extinct volcano and no we didn’t climb it we’d done enough up, up ups for the day.

Back to Mt Gambier. Delicious fresh Crayfish supper in the local pub. Ollie’s a happy chappy.

Feb 11th

After large egg & bacon brekky decide we’ve done enough caves for a while.

Golf – Our golf passport (cost $35 gives discount at loads of courses around Oz – we pay for 1 and 1 goes free). It has well and truly paid us back so we went to play 18 holes at Mt Gambier. Possibly a mistake as it got to 33 degrees and my golf showed it.

Thought we’d cook our leg of lamb in camp kitchen oven to save heating up the caravan – think again – someone got there before us – in fact there was a queue!! Obviously great minds think alike.

More later – Happy Birthday to Thomas on 14th Feb






















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