Feb 18th – 22nd






Feb 18th

Short trip to Strathalbyn

Time to do the washing then the dreaded accounts.

Feb 19th

Strathalbyn horse racing is on.Jenny & Bryn had emailed to say a group of them were going. all set to go and the heavens opened. Wind gusts up to 41 K/h. Bring in awning. All set to go to the races again – heavens opened up again and this time the wind gusts rocked the caravan. Look up Strathalbyn racecourse on the internet – Just a field with a race track – no shelter. Take a rain check on the racing – it’s still raining, windy and 15 degrees. Queenslanders are wimps in the cold.

Turn on central heating and start weaving. Took a walk round Strathalbyn in a break in the weather. Really a delightful little place. Home of Lauke flour mills – the old mill is still there but disused and sad looking. Had a good blow but glad to get back home in the warmth of the caravan.

Feb 20th

South Australia is not endearing itself to us – Now 11 degrees and wet & windy still. Raided the UK case for more warm clothes!!! Central heating powering away and a good book to read.

Weather cleared a bit and we decided to go to Mt Barker for a round of golf

DCIM100GOPRO18th hole Mt Barker

In South Australia you have to buy supermarket bags at 15c – that’s OK as we have loads of linen bags from the Cellardoor fest – however now have to buy a roll of bin bags for the rubbish – seems the supermarkets benefit and the environment doesn’t!!!!!!!! He ho.

Feb 21st

Cold, wet and windy again!!! Feel sorry for Jenny & Bryn SA weather has not been kind to them – hopefully Melbourne will be better for them next week.

Spent most of the day hunkered down on the internet looking for a good flight back to the UK in April. Best price was from a UK travel agent!!!!! Look at weather in UK 4 degrees – i think I’m getting weather obsessed!!!

Feb 22nd

First thing I hear this morning from a couple talking outside our van “gosh it’s cold today” – think about going back under the duvet!!!!

we’re parked by the oval – cricket in front of us and tennis at the side – weather dry so lots of activity

However forecast is for winds between 25 and 31K/h – and we’re going on a boat trip from Victor Harbour!!!!


DCIM100GOPROVictor Harbour Loos – tells the history of the town

DCIM100GOPROOld tram – there are 4 of them puuled by Clydesdales that go across the causeway to Granite island

Camel rides and pony rides along the beach – kinda Victorian feel!

We walk along the causeway to our boat – what has Ollie got me into now?!!!

DCIM100GOPROGet togged up with large waterproof coats and lifevests

DCIM100GOPROSit astride what looks like a long “pummel Horse”!!

Off we go

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROFirst stop dolphins playing in the harbour


DCIM100GOPROSea birds DCIM100GOPROIt wasn’t really this calm!!!!


DCIM100GOPROFur seals


We had an hour and half dashing through the water getting absolutely soaked – it was great. I’ll try and get some video footage published – you get the feeling of the size of the waves better on video. Victor Harbour Duck boat tour is a must – only $60 each great value




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