Nov 10th – Dec 5th

IMG_1800Fire tree Boyne Island IMG_1648Wild Cattle Creek IMG_1646Wild Cattle Creek  IMG_0600 Liz At Melbourne Cup with Mr GPmartinhanson-14Ali, Zena & Liz at Martin Hansen Exhibition

IMG_0791Una, Liz, Jeannie, Carolyn and Shirley at Cedar Galleries

Nov 10th

Caravan drainage sort out. Leak under van again. Probably shouldm have taken a photo of Ollie under the van.

Nov 11th

27 degrees at 6am. Tuesday tennis as enjoyable as always

DCIM100GOPROOllie forgot his hat!!!DCIM100GOPROBrian & RogerDCIM100GOPROPat & Helen

Nov 12th


Nove 13th Washing

Nov 14th

Golf Wow 3 x Pars

Nov 15th

Golf again – well we’re on a roll!!! Oops – I blame it on walking in 33 degree heat.There are at least 6 trees with golf ball sized dents in them!!! On one hole I did an enormous drive (thank goodness I did or I’d have been back on the tee) My second shot was massive it hit a tree and landed 30 metres behind me! Oh well try again – another massive hit – same beep result. Can you believe it I was now 60 metres back from my first shot!!!. Bruce & Marj for supper & a game of Sequence. Boys won

Nov 16th

Decide it’s time to sort out the car & clean the inside. All sparkling. We aren’t sparkling 33 degree weather got to us so it was cricket on TV in ait con. Contact Steph for her birthday.

Nov 17th

Disaster Ollie’s eReader dies. He’s had it about 7 years. Not bad. Heis now the proud owner of an iPad MiniDCIM100GOPROLovely lunch at Yachties and we bought an Engel Freezer/Fridge. Couldn’t beleive it 34 litre capacity at $699.

Nov 18th

Why are we playing tennis in theis heat – Answer – cause it’s Tuesday. Physio to sort out a niggle in my back. Feel like a new woman. Till SH 1 T strikes that evening. OMG what has he done to me – polaxed. It was a locum physio.

Nov 19th

Feeling like a limp rag. Perk up a bit when we find we have gone “unconditional” on our house sale.(For UK readers it means the buyers have to buy) Sale day Dec 3rd.

Nov 20th

As many of you will already know we started to send out change of address. We have used my brothers address as our original plan was that once Ollie had finished his locum at the end of Jan we would continue travelling. However there may be a but – we’ve seen a couple of properties on the web here that we like.

Nov 21st – 27th

Mostly spent looking at properties

Nov 28th – 30th

Ubobo Music Camp Out. Great fun with Helen & Roger. Played Klop with Helen & Roger, Maxine & Fred.


Dec 1st

We have found another house. Now need to negotiate the price.

Surprise at the caravan park. Cooking demo by Cath & David Hopgood (David is a soldier and was on MKR) Now an Ambassador for the Soldier On Charity. Wonderful food. Bought the cookery book to support the charityDCIM100GOPRO

Dec 2nd


Dec 3rd

Extension asked for in sale of our house. Agreed

Dec 4th

Sold house and bought another.

Dec 5th

Promised Marj & Bruce we’d copy the meal that Cath & David Hopgood did for us on Monday. Ollie reckoned it was as good – Prawns with Mango Salsa and Asian coleslaw with rice. Marj did chocolate covered strawberries. Damn the boys beat us at Sequence again.

Dec 6th

Woken by a cracking storm – very welcome rain. All set to get our possessions out of storage on Monday & into our new house. We move in on Wed 10th. We will email our change of address to all with our Christmas greetings.

More once we’ve moved

1 thought on “Nov 10th – Dec 5th

  1. Jane Fairhurst

    Sent you a Christmas card this year (2016) to an old address we had. Not sure if you ever received it! But got one from you. Do you have a permanent address now? Nick & Jane


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